Why Purchasing Silver Bars Is A Good Idea

Silver bars are available in two different weights.  The industry standard weight is 1,000 for a silver bar.  All silver bars have a hallmark stamped on them which indicates their purity. Purity of silver bars can vary by as much as 10%. A 100 ounce bar is also available for investors. Many choose to purchase this weight because it is less expensive to ship.  Because of this, the 100 ounce bar is sold only for delivery.

Many people choose to purchase silver bars as a way to husband their wealth. In 2010, silver’s price increased by about 84% and hit a high not seen in 30 years. In the past five years, silvers price has increased by 460%. The future looks very good indeed for silver investors when taking into consideration the silver-to-gold price ratio. This is what is used to determine how many ounces of silver would be required to purchase one ounce of gold. In the past that ratio has been about 16 to 1. This prompts many financial experts to say that silver has far to go in terms of projected earnings and is only just starting to see a dramatic increase in its value.

Silver bars are always comprised of 99.9 percent pure silver. They are commonly sold in one kilogram, one ounce, ten ounce and five gram sizes. They are routinely sold by traders who specialize in dealing in silver.

Silver bars can always be quickly and easily converted into liquid cash because they can be sold to a dealer at almost any time. Silver bars and silver coins share one important characteristic and that is that they are both made of one of the most prized commodities on the earth. Silver is used in hundreds of different manufacturing applications, everything from computers to scientific and medical equipment and instruments and the automotive industry. This leads investors to believe that the demand for silver will never diminish and therefore, the price will always stay relatively stable.

Silver bars are also referred to as ingot and have become the most popular way for people to invest in silver. Because they can be purchased in relatively small sizes, they are easy to handle and store. As long as the hallmark stamped into them is one that is recognized by a dealer, they will always be easy to move on the market for a quick resale should you need to liquidate your supply for quick cash.

Silver bars are mass produced by mints and refineries. Silver ingots are larger than silver bars and mostly used by jewelers and manufacturers for industrial purposes. Usually it is the ten and one ounce size that is acquired by collectors.

As with other precious metals such as gold and platinum, there is a limited world wide supply of silver. For this reason alone, silver prices are expected to continue to rise over the  long-term. If you are searching for a long-term, stable investment for your money, you should definitely give some thought to purchasing silver bars.

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